How amazing is the Universal Energy! The never tiring, inexhaustible, and eternal in its operation. We are a portion of this energy. We manifest within this energy and through the use of this energy.  We are not blind conductors of this energy, but we consciously use, control and direct it. Our true place in the cosmos is to be the king and not the slave.  We are commanders.

Here is the interesting part in the use of this energy:  the energy used in one direction is not available for use in another direction; this is a universal law both in mind and matter. Nature is always looking for balance.  The energy we dissipate in idleness is not given to work or focus. The energy you use in anger is deducted from energy you could use in love.

Let’s use this beautiful energy constructively.

Live in Light!



When you get into an intimate relationship what are you seeking?  Evaluation of this fact, during or prior to getting started is a dance that everyone needs to go through.  Relationships come and go now-a-days like they have never done before.  Why?  Have you stopped to think about what is making “your” relationship special and strong?

In any “strong” relationship there is a sense of unity, unitedness and trust. A sense of sharing, loving, giving.  A unified dance between the partners.  As any dance that requires a partner to go on, cannot be done alone.  A day in a strong, wonderful, happy relationship to me looks more than just enjoying the dance of love-making. It is about sharing all.  Not just a little, but all.  It is about giving it all.  Not just a little, but all. It is about painting a picture together to its perfection.  It is about two artists collaborating to create an artwork that shall remain for centuries after they have departed the physical plane.

It is about no barriers; emotional and physical.  How do you measure your relationship?

Live in Light!




All day every day we go about defining our relationships to friends, relatives, jobs, objects, nature and all else including God/Source. During this phase we most of the time operate 99% unconsciously as we set a relationship with ourselves and our beliefs about ourselves.

Our view of us like a serpent that has been sleep for years awakens to show itself in later relationships we manifest.  Some of these relationships we categorize as accident, some coincidence and we have many more labels for the rest of them.  We are joyful by some and agonized by some. We rejoice some relationships and hold them dear and run from some.  We keep on staying in some even though they make us miserable.

Our relationship with our household items and even our shoes are an interesting one.  Have you had an old pair of shoes that are absolutely falling apart but you are holding on to them as if they are the one and only pair of comfortable pair ever made? Is it really their comfort or is it the fear of change that keeps you there?

Have you evaluated your relationships? Most importantly the one you have with yourself? What do you see? What can you say?

Live in Light!



Communication is not about talking and listening. Communication is about ensuring that the proper message is understood. In this the one talking is always at fault. It is the responsibility of the one who is talking to be concise. This makes silence even more so golden.

Having said that, it is also the responsibility of the one “listening” to hear and not just jump into self-defense or answering, just for the sake of saying something.  Answer, not because it is needed, but because you understand the message and you are responding appropriately.

In today’s communication we have forgotten the actual art.  We have become defensive and drowned in our own insecurities, hence EVERYTHING is taken personally and subjectively.

We no longer listen to respond accordingly; we immediately feel the topic is an attack on us and are ready to pounce and have the last word to be right.

Should we take another look perhaps in understanding the purpose of communication?


Live in Light!




From your first day we step on to Earth we have been influenced by the ideas of society telling us what kind of person we should be. These ideas and life shaped us into who we are today. Our inner spirit has taken a back seat to all these ideas and notions of who we are and how to live our lives.

Try and look past the physical. Use your awareness to recognize the spirit, the ALL in all beings. The best way to begin is to set the mood by just think of the people and things that make you happy.

You will experience an amazing feeling when you come to rediscover your own inner spirituality and that of the world around you. If you recognize all the good in your life and give it attention and recognition you will experience the spirituality that surrounds you everyday. You can find the spiritual side in everyone you encounter and everywhere you go. We are all spiritual beings.  Make a note to yourself that as you go through everyday tasks and events you will remember to find the spiritual aspects of whatever it is you are doing. Bring your awareness into the here and now, you are not thinking ahead or thinking of what has passed, you are in the moment. Practicing being completely in the moment is an excellent way to build your awareness of ALL within you.

Choosing to see the good in all people and things is a way to tune into your Source within. Start living your best life now, start recognizing the Source in you, and the spirituality that surrounds you.

Live in Light!



In today’s society, life is dominated by social conflict and a battle of opposing extremes.  One needs to turn from this conflict and strive to be in harmony with the natural flow of the Universe.

We can start by not attaching ourselves to any one thought or ideal, but see them as a part of the whole.  Don’t just see the words, paragraphs, and pages, but see all as one and the spirit behind them. Don’t miss what is written because of the words.
JAMES: This is something that is starting to resonate with me so strongly.  My shiatsu therapist, Daniel, wrote me this a few days ago: The soul is one and each of us is a point of entry into the material world. But we are one soul at some level. God experiences
the world through each point of entry and the experience of each informs the
whole. Our ascension in the spiritual path raises the vibration of everyone
you come into contact with.” One year ago I had a visionary experience in the Amazon that told me the same thing in a very profound and mystical way.  My path over the past year has been trying to effect this understanding/being in my daily life.  Sometimes this is easy, sometimes more challenging.  The universe has been giving me the tools though…this is “the easy”.  I just have to be open to the “natural flow of the Universe, something I believe/understand more every day.  My trip to the amazon just “happened” unexpectedly.  I signed up for the Ready, Set Live course by “accident”.  My shiatsu therapist who I met out of a need to “cure” a stiff painful neck problem has become a partner in mutual spiritual growth.  My dearest friend JP came into my life profoundly mirroring areas in my life where I have been stubborn and negative.  I feel an urgency now to open up more and more to the natural flow.  The challenge is for me to not become attached to the everyday emotions rooted in my  insecurities and fears that blind me or take me away from the universal flow…and it does feel like a challenge at times! I would love to hear from others how the Universe/Source/God has manifested in your lives in beautiful ways and how you work with the challenges/details of the everyday in a way that permits you to align more fully with the natural flow.

Blessings, peace and love

EL: Isn’t this experience amazing, beautiful, gratifying and blissful? My friend, the course of getting there for everyone seems to be different.  I am truly looking forward in other people’s input towards the question you have posed.

My two bit is as follows: in the path that is so naturally unfolding before you, you are going to find that all answers are within you. You are a direct link to creation.  You are of creation. Everything else is secondary. They are only important in sparking the truth within, but it is within your journey that the answers are found.  We each walk the path as the student and the teacher.  We must follow our heart and make the best of this journey. In my life and teachings I have learned to see beyond how life has been presented to me by my fellow-co-creators.  When we learn to trust our spirit, and put aside what we have been injected with all our lives and recognize all the false characters we have been introduced to, we naturally align with the spirit that is flowing through our veins and reside within us.  We learn to trust the Source.  As our understanding of the source and our unconditional love grows, the doubt and fear is replaced immediately and a sense of peace and ease sets-in.  With that, the alignment with the source and going with the natural flow seems the only natural thing and all else loses meaning.

JAMES: A little light bulb just went on!  Thanks to what you’ve said here and what I’ve learned in class and from your literature all of the answers are within in me because I am of Source.  If I align my physical self with my inner self (energetic self?) everything will flow.  My emotions are an indication of whether this alignment is taking place or not.  Those times when I feel my path to be challenging is an indication that maybe I am trying too hard and not “going with the flow”.  In light of this, my comment that I feel “an urgency now to open up more to the natural flow” seems to be contradictory.  If I am in a hurry to get to “an improved place” I am discounting the “power of the stream, its speed, its direction and its promise”.  With my statement I am, in fact, paddling up stream and working against the natural path.  Rather than try so hard to find the natural flow I should pull up my paddle and let the stream guide me.   The natural flow is already there and I am in it.  Wow, that takes a load off my shoulders!  I feel more relaxed already.

Live in Light!



There are two ways to grow and eliminate the negative: one is by going into the mind, seeing the cause of the problem that originated in a thought sometime in the past.

When we see this thought and bring it into consciousness, we naturally let go of it. We basically recognize how useless it is to hold on to it and therefore we correct that thought and behaviour.

The second way that I like more is to quiet the mind and see who and what you really are; the infinite self; and how minute any other thing looks in comparison. It is about getting to know that nothing is external but what is within us and within our minds creates the external reality we experience.

Live in Light!




When you know what you know, to whom do you pray? If you are that, why do you have to pray to it? Praying admits duality. “We” pray to “God”. Maintain your oneness.  God is not an entity out there.  God is within. God is all beingness. When you look within, you see that you are all beingness.  Beingness is also awareness and consciousness.  The more aware you are, the more of a perfection you see and the less of the problems. The more problems you see, the less your awareness.

In the state of awareness, we let everything be just the way it is because everything is perfect and one who is in this state, mentally and powerfully projects this to everyone.

Live in Light!




Everyone wants a continuous, constant, eternal happiness with no sorrow whatsoever, and no one is ever satisfied until they find it. When we go within, we discover that all happiness is there.  The only place where we can feel happiness is right within ourselves.  That is exactly where it is.  Every time we attribute this happiness to something external, to a person or a thing, we get more pain with it than we do pleasure. The happiness that we are seeking and thinking is out there external to us, is not there. The happiness with no sorrow can only be found by going within.  Our most basic inherent nature is this thing that we are seeking and is ours, here and now.

We are that happiness that we are seeking, looking for it externally and not finding it there.  Looking within, we discover it to be our very own Self unencumbered with our self-imposed limitations.

Live in Light!




When you love someone, you identify with and you become one with that one.  When you become the Universe, you love the Universe, you become the Universe.  Love is absolutely necessary.  When we love totally, we totally identify with the grand and glorious infinite Being that we are. Divine love, is a constant, persistent acceptance of all beings in the Universe, fully, wholly and totally.


Divine love is wanting and allowing the other one to be the way he/she wants to be.  Divine love is seeing and accepting everyone equally, and I think that this is the test of how divine our love is.  Is it the same for every person we meet? Is our love for those who are opposing us as strong as for those who are supporting us?  Real, Divine love is unconditional and is for everyone alike.  This love is not something we turn on or off.  It makes hating impossible.

Live in Light!